Panel: Texas PACs and Corporate/Association Political Involvement
Review of the Texas regulatory environment related to PACs in Texas, including restrictions regarding direct campaign expenditures and coordination; Citizens United, Super PACs and C-4s in Texas; measure election requirements; as well as a discussion about guidelines for corporate sponsored forums and “town halls” for employees and/or PAC members.

This panel discussion will be taking a serious look at the ways PACs and corporations can operate in Texas, including the use of direct corporate expenditures, c-4s, “Super PACs”, and reporting requirements under current interpretations of Texas law. In the midst of this is a question as to the ability of a PAC that wants to make “independent expenditures” (“direct campaign expenditures” in Texas law) under Citizens United to solicit corporate dollars for these expenditures. The interpretation in Texas is that such solicitation is not allowed. On Sept 4th, the US Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the case of Texans for Free Enterprise vs. Texas Ethics Commission. You can download the briefs they filed for the court below in case you would like to see the nuances of what they will be discussing.